Introduction to the Werewolves

- Carlene -
My nose twitched slightly at the diferent aromas that covered the kitchen, Thanksgiving is the busiest for our pack. While most go out hunting for larger game like elk and large deer, sometimes wild turkey, (but not likely with our appitites what they are,) lots of the elders stay and cook. I decided to stay and look after the foolish kids who were to young to hunt properly.

My father had shone his reluctance to leave me home, since I was the fastest in the pack and more skilled than even some of the elder boys, he would have liked to take me, but like every year I refused to hunt with them. This always frustrated the pack, including my mother, that I hated killing other animals. “It’s not right for you to waste your skill!” She had said agreeing totaly with my father, “we could really use you to bring in food.” As I do every year when I’m given this speach I scoffed. “Our pack has more than 250 eligible hunters, they don’t need me.”

My father and Mother just ground their teeth to that…

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