The Night Visitor II something brushed her outer thigh. She quickly looked down to see what it was but there was nothing to see.

“Good grief, get yourself together girl,” Amanda said to the empty house.

Walking back towards her bedroom to get dressed, Amanda stopped by the breakfast bar to grab her glass of red chardonnay taking a sip as she walked.

Wearing only her Victoria’s Secret Pink panties, she gazed at herself in the full length mirror as she contemplated what she would wear this evening. She had been invited to attend the grand opening of a new club by Samantha, one of her few co-workers that she liked and it had been a couple months since she had gone out to have fun.

Finishing off her wine and setting the glass on an end table, Amanda went to her closet to find her favorite denim skirt and choose a warm, tight sweater to go with it.

Amanda found a rust colored sweater she knew would turn a few heads and began to pull it over her head. She no more got one arm in when…

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