the dream: part 19 so close yet so far

the party was coming to an end, and i was so tired. ready to fall asleep.
the remaining people were just the close friends and carter.
all the couples were in the living room, snuggling on the couch, watching movies. i saw this, and kinda got sad.
i went to the backyard, sitting on the swingset, all alone. it was a warm summer night. soon after, carter came and sat on the one next to me.
“so, whats going on with you?” he asked, giving me that same look he did earlier.
“uhm.. I dont know, just kinda down. i guess.”
” i really, dont know. i just am.”
“oh, wel you dont have to talk to me about it.”
“thanks carter.”
i put my head on his shoulder, and his cool skin made the heat of the summer night all the better. i looked up to his face, maintaing eye contact, and then he started to lean in, i started to also. Right before our lips met.
“MANDYY!! youre dads on his way.”
we both pulled away, once she’d realized what was going on, she ran back inside.
we were so close, yet so far.

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