13 hours left

(One hour and eighteen Starbucks mochalatte’s later.)

“O.K. Lola, we now know that the main terrorist base is at Downtown Pizza, the code to deactivate the WMD , and have you finished decoding that message I found?”

“Yep, it has the passcode to get into the main NMC building.” explained Lola.

“Lola, I have a question.”


“Wouldn’t we have a more crack team than just you, me, and some random background characters? New York being destroyed seems pretty high priority.”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because if we had a giant team of professionals the writer couldn’t stretch this entire series to 24 hours. However the writer must have been pretty incompetent not to explain why.” said Lee Adoma just back from updating his blog.

(Suddenly and inexplicably Lee is written out of the story)

Lola looked up at Jack and said, “Well at least we have a competent writer huh?”

“Yea…..” said Jack. “Lets just go. Can I see your computer?”


Jack looked at the computer for a moment. “Oh, crap!”

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