the dream: part 20 sleepover!

as we walked through the door into her house, the door bell rang. my dad stood there, i said my quick goodbyes and ran out the door before my dad could come in and make a fool out of me.

this was a great party.
and now it was time to go home.

a few days later, i was invited to go to alyse’s for a traditional basketball team sleep over.
it consisted of a normal slumber party: music, food, dress up, dancing, singing and our late night talk.
it was 3:00 AM, jordella was texting danny non-stop, and she decided to sneak out to meet up with danny and some of the other dudes in our class, all the girls went along, but i really wasnt in the mood.
“you guys go ahead, im just gonna go to sleep.”
“mandy, we dont wanna leave you here alone.” blair said.
“na, its cool, trust me, im exhausted, its fine. besides i can keep watch and conver for you guys in case.”
they all loooked at me with apathetic faces.
‘GO! youll be late meeting them!”
“kay, bye mandy.”
i laid on the ground when and doesd off.

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