the dream: part 21 the edgy side

when suddenly, i felt someone trying to wake me up.
“mandy, mandy, wake upp.” they said, shaking me.
who was it?
i started to open my eyes, it was carter!
“carter!” i said, so full of suprise.
“what are you doing here?” i said. “how did you get in?, theres an alarm”
“it was easy, there was an open window.’
he looked at me again, with his amazing eyes, “come with me.”
“Carter its 3:00 am.”
“i know, come with me, do you trust me?”
this question scared me, i never took risks this big, but i thought id make an exception this time.
i looked at his smile, and just said, “hold on, let me go get dressed.”
It was then that i realized i was in my pjs, and probably looked extremely bad. i ran to the bathroom, got my jeans, a tee and shoes. put them on and went with Carter.
“so on the edgy side tonight, ey?” i said to him, with a tone of voice i didnt even know i had.
he laughed.
“well, i wanted to get to know you more.”
“what you couldnt sleep without seeing me again.” i said, just smiling.

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