the dream: part 22 Interuptions

“something like that.”

our conversation was flowing, he knew so much and was so perfect, it was only something i dreamed about.
“so, theres gotta be some story behind your love life.” i said to him, staring him right in the eyes.
” It really didnt exist…”
he pulled me into his arms, and held me close, he looked me in the eyes, i was soon breathless, he lifted my chin up, and leaned in.
he said with a whisper, ”..until now.”
he moved closer, until ring! it was my phone. the space between us increased as i reached into my pocket to get my phone.
i answered it, still breathless, “hello?”
“MANDY! WHERE ARE YOU ?” alyse asked full of concern.
“im out.”was all i could manage to get out of my mouth.
then she said, “oh my goshh, youre with Carter, arent you?”
“okay, you have an hour before my parents get up, be back then, and i expect a full report.” she said, giggling.
“okay,” i said, hanging up.
“hey i want to show you something.” he said, grabbing my hand and leading me somewhere.

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