the dream: part 23 sunrise

He lead me to this hill, i had never been before, it was almost time for the sun to rise, we both sat, my head on his shoulder, and his arm around my waist.
The sun rised, and it was amazing.
“wow” i said in amazement,
“cool, huh?” he said, looking at me.
i turned to him, and said, “amazing.”
he leaned in for the third time, and this time, our lips met, his cool lips met mine, and i couldnt breathe.
he pulled away, he chuckled, “are you okay?”
“i uh, y-yeah.” i stuttered.
“I think its time we get back, youre friends will miss you.”
we walked back to alyses house, and right before i got there, he stopped me. “mandy, i had a good time, did you?”
“yeah, this was definitely one to remember.”
he pulled me close again, and kissed my cheek.
this didnt leave me as breathless as the first time, which is probably why he did it.
“bye” he said.
i smiled, wow, this was….wow

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