Between The Packs

- Renita-

It was unfair, all of it! Once again I could not rejoin my pack, and who I once considered friends were now out for my head. Why should I be blame, hated, rejected, banished for someone else’s wrongdoing? It was not fair. Now I must travel alone, try to find a new home, if someone would accept me. My story has probably already traveled to all the nearby packs…

I crossed the line into another packs territory, the second in a week. I wasn’t even sure if it was the same pack as when I met that one werewolf. She had spared my life, but what were the chances I would be that lucky again? I was injured, an easy target to any enemy. Surely, even if I did meet with the one wolf, she would not be so kind again, seeing the same wolf in her territory twice. And you could never know about the rest of the pack.

I wandered for a long time, making sure to stay away from anywhere with plenty of food, incase of hunting parties. Slowly I started to hear and smell other wolves nearby. It was the pack’s camp.

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