Dennis Yunker and His Senior Moment

Before Cole could hiss forth a slyly soothing explanation, a rickety truck tore into the drive adding a fresh coat of headlights to the scene.

Before Agent Lefleur could ask any detective questions, Dennis was stumbling and bumbling from the truck, somehow managing to pull the shotgun from the rack.

Before Sissy could stop that little bit of pee from escaping, a large firearm was waving dangerously, painting the whole porch with potential harm.

“So,” Dennis croaked, “It’s him, is it? He’s the one?”

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to put the gun down,” Agent Lefleur said firmly, his hand going instinctively to his sidearm.

“No!” Dennis shouted, coughed, then continued, “My Joanie done disappeared sneakin out ta meet a boy, but don’t noone know what boy. Only I know, see. I know that Sissy was gamin fer that same boy…’cept it’s a man.”

Agent Lefleur and Sissy both turned their eyes to Cole with dawning realization.

But they were whipped back as Dennis yelled, “Now where’s my Joanie?!”

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