Distant Cries

- Renita-

“I know I’m not!” I said, looking over to the side. “I had to okay!”

I looked back over to her, sitting down on my hind haunches. It was a relief to get weight off of my leg, since the right hind one had a gash in it. It was pretty deep, and definatly the worst of my wounds. I licked at it for a second before turning back to the girl.

“I didn’t actually expect to see you again. I thought I was going to run into a hunting party or something.” I said calmly, a half grin running across my muzzle. “Human form eh? Your a fancy pack!” I added jokingly. “Sorry for intruding on your territory again, but it was kind of an emergency.”

From off in the distance, I heard the faint call of my pack. Sighing I glanced back, “Yep, their out for my head. That was definatly the war call. I’ll just hightail it out of here I guess. Your pack must of heard that, and they’ll start investigating. If they see you with me, it will be your head next!” I said.

“Surely you pack has heard of me by now…” I added.

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