On The Run

- Carlene -
“No don’t go!” The desperation was obvious in my voice and the wolf went rigid as my now stretched out fingers swept through her fur. “Please, my pack will help you.” I said confidently, a comforting smile spreading widely across my face. The wolf now look completely confused now, her eyes glanced around quickly as another call was sounded, telling that her scent was found.

They were close and this made me stiffen. “Come with me!” I said ´╗┐urgently not being able to hide the ´╗┐ferocious growl in my voice. “What can you do, your pack won’t except me and niether will my own.” Her voice was confident and it made the anger, already bubbling, boil. “Fine if you’re so negative to coming with me to my house then come with me to a secret place. They won’t find you my scent should cover your’s.”

She seemed to deliberate for a few seconds but as another war call was sounded even closer she began following me. I took off at a sprint letting my body change, I felt the eyes on my back.

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