- Renita-

I slowly came even with Carlene, limping slightly. I heard another call behind us, and reconize the strong voice.

“Linus…” I mumbled, glaring ahead.

Carlene looked over at my, confused. I sighed, “A friend…Well, used to be a friend of mine. Its sounds like he’s at the head of the search party.” I added. “He’s one of the more passionate wolves out to kill me.”

“But-” Carlene started, but I cut her off with, “I’ll tell you all about this when we get to this hiding place of yours.”

The calls became closer, and my fur started to tingle with panic. Soon the calls were answered by others, clearly Carlene’s pack.

“I have one question..” I said, looking over at her, “If your pack met mine, like it sound like, would yours attack?” I asked hopefully. “Or would they just talk it out like others?”

I looked forward again, only to be me with a sharp cliff that jutted up about 100 feet in the air. There was a small crack in the wall, slightly covered by rocks.

“I’m guessing that is it.”

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