Painful Eavesdropping

You didn’t know I was listening. You didn’t know I heard every word you said. Every word that cut deeper and deeper into my heart. Every word that push me closer and closer to tears. You didn’t know I was listening, but I was.

Each word that casually fell from your lips burned. Burned through my soul. Through my dreams. Through my hopes. Nearly destroying it all but not quite. I doubt even the harshes words could do that.

Those words, that still huant me, tore at the very structure if my being. I feel it weakened. It can’t stand all that it used to. It can’t bear as much pain and sorrow as it did before.

Could this be a hint? A clue? Something telling me its over. Telling me to just get over you. To give up those hopes and dreams that I’ve held on to for so long.

The question is, can I get over you? Can I find it within myself to finally let you go? To finally move on with my life. To finally feel at peace?

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