Complicated Compliments

“W-well…” Janice stummered, her hopes still flying high, “Wait did you just compliment me?”
“Yes,” Kyle said.
“You sure?”
“Yes. Do I seem like that much of a jerk that it doesn’t seem like I’m capable of complimenting someone?” a slightly offended Kyle asked.
“NO! Of course not! Its just I’m not used to getting complimented.”
“Really? I thought a pretty girl like you would get them all the time.”
Janice blushed. “You’re blushing again aren’t you?”
“Yeah I am.”
“Figured. By the way thats two compliments I’ve given you and you haven’t said anything. Normally there’s at least a thanks and if the person’s really nice maybe a return compliment,” Kyle teased.
“Oh, well thank you and…” Janice trailed off as she thought of which of his many wonderful qualities to compliment.
“Well… you…” SAY SOMETHING ! Its not like there isn’t something to compliment! The voice inside her head yelled at her. Just spit it out!
“You… you have the perfect crooked smile.”

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