The Terrifying Truth About My Pack

- Carlene -
“Yes that’s it.” I answered her second question, panic filled me when I thought about her first. Yes I knew my pack would fight, we were not like others, my pack was mean and heartless. Not to mention a thousand or so werewolves made up our pack, largest in the world.

“They may not win, is that what has you worried?” Renita’s voice caught me off guard. “I mean if their all as small as you.” She had turned back to her human form to get up the cliff, the gash on her leg becoming more pronounced without fur.

I turned my head to stare at her, she was fully dressed with short red hair which matched the fur of her wolflike self. Her eyes were a deep hazelnut brown, they widened as she took in my golden eyes. “I am the smallest in the pack, and yes they will fight…” I stopped for a brief second deliberating on my next words. “To the death,” I finaly said aloud.

Renita’s eyes widened with fear, “how big are the others?”

“Most are twice my size or bigger!” I answered truthfully.

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