Great Supporting Character(s) Challenge (The Big 250)

Many moons ago, I worked at UPS , loading and unloading packages onto trucks. It was an ordinary and monotonous job, but while I was there I met a lot of interesting characters. Memories of these real-life characters are the impetus for my 250th ficlet challenge.

The challenge: use great supporting characters to make what should be a boring job or situation come to life.

What I want to see are characters that takeover the story. Show stoppers. Characters that almost demand you to appreciate (or hate) them.

You can use as many ficlets as you need to setup your character(s) as long as you end up with at least one standout character who transcends a boring everyday kind of situation.

While, it certainly helps if your story makes sense, I will be paying most of my attention to your descriptions of the characters, their actions and their dialogue.

Have fun! Make us fall in love (or hate) with your characters!

The challenge will be judged June 23rd. Make me proud! I have a feeling you will!

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