The Idea

- Renita-

I stared for a moment, then smiled. “They’ll fight to the death then, good!” I said cheerfully. “The hopefully that will be a distraction for a while.”

I looked behind me, towards where there were howls emerging from. “It sounds like they are already fighting, I hope your pack will leave some scars.” I added before turning back to the cave entance. I stopped before it, an idea popping into my mind.

“You know what we should do!?” I said, grinning evily.

“What?” Carlene asked.

“Go see the fight! I’ve never seen your pack before, and I want to see my pack run away howling in pain. Plus you can see how wimpy my pack is. It all works out. And if things start to get to rough, we’ll come back here!” I said, extremely happy.

“It’s perfect, come one!” I yelled. I jumped back down, changing back into my wolf form and sprinting off through the grass, not waiting for a response. I was to eager to see my pack run off in pain, chased out of this territory forever, and never again looking for me!

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