Stupidity and Answers

- Carlene -
“No!” I screamed and I ran in front of her, snarls ripped from my chest. Renita’s eyes widened and filled with fear at the ferosious look I was giving her.

I moved her back toward the cliff, my growls neverendiing. “Are you crazy?” I asked pushing her back, she snarled back at me, now she looked dangerous, but I could tell she wasn’t ready for a fight. “Get back in there!” My voice was coming in with an unseperated growl.

“What?” She asked through her bared teeth. “My pack is huge, out hunting there are at least 200 if not more wolves. If they see you, look I can’t fight them all myself and your in no condition..” I was still ranting but she cut me off. “200, how many are there?” Her voice was now fearful of my pack, not admiring.

“About 1000, maybe more altogether. look if they find you and they think you’re with your pack they won’t hesitate.” She still seemed confused. “They’ll kill you!” I cried exasperated, we were back inside the cave, away from danger so I relaxed my stance.

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