Enter: Linus!

- Renita-

I stared at Carlene, “1000… But…” I muttered, trying to remember something I once knew from a long time ago as a pup. But I was soon distracted by a scent coming into the cave. I froze, looking at Carlene. “Act like your about to attack, or pinning my against the wall…Something!” I blurted out as the smell was stronger.

“Why?” She asked, sniffing the air cautiously.

“Do it!” I said ugently, backing up against the wall. Soon enough, the entrance was blocked off by a body. I gave Carlene a desprate look telling her to play along, and she did, snarling and stepping towards me.

“Well well well, look at this!” The voice said.

“Linus! Help me! This beast as me pinned!” I yelled over to him. Carlene turned around, now snarling for a real cause.

Linus walked further into the cave, still in his wolf form. “Seems our little criminal is caught at last.” He laughed, “And by a pretty cute werewolf too! I usually don’t like girls from other packs, but I can make an exeption if you’d like.”

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