Ursus Regulus

The man sat before the detective. “Are you Alex Montren?”
He sat up. “I am Ursus Regulus, sir. Protector of this city!”
Detective James sighed. “No, Alex, you’re just insane.”
“HA!” Alex laughed harshly. “Once I don this bearskin, I gain the strength of a dozen bears!” He stood up grandly. “With my mighty claws, I slash evildoers to ribbons! I am on your side!”
“Alex, please sit down.” He complied. “Look, you aren’t a superhero. You have a rare mental condition. You only believe you’re a superhero. All you do is beat the life out of robbers and charge off triumphantly. You are a murderer and a vigilante.”
Alex faultered. “But… but my bearskin makes me a half-man half-bear beast of truth and might-”
“No. It fuels your crazy.” Alex sat back and removed his hood. “Look, you’ll probably get off with an insanity plea, but you killed 20 men. I’m not sure if-”
“37 men.” Alex began to cry a little. “All of them criminals.”
“Oy.” Detective James stood up. “Alex, please come with me. And remove that skin, it smells.”

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