the dream: part 25 work

i looked over to my dad instructing a new worker, or teenage worker, where to go, and what to do. All i saw was his back, but i knew immediately, it was carter. I ran into the office, to make it look like i was doing some work, when shortly after, my dad walked in, with Carter following behind him.
“mandy, this is.. uh. sorry, i forgot your name.” he said, looking to carter.
carter smiled, and said his name.
“Hey Carter.” I said.
my dad looked at me suspiciously, “you know him?”
“uh,, dad, he kinda graduated in our class.”
“oohh, i thought the kid looked familiar.”
“so wait.. why is he here?”
my dad looked at him, and then me, “well, i needed someone to help with work, and he was looking for a summer job, so it just fit.”
“ohh, okay”
my dad turned away, and started to walk out the door, he smiled at me, and then followed my dad out.

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