The Sea

It had all started normal enough, I had been SCUBA diving with my girlfriend Beth and we were getting onto the boat for our next spot.
“Sure is nice today!” Beth said.
I nodded.
As the boat slowed, we put our masks on and adjusted our tanks and regulators, we dived into the water, splash, i swam with Beth to an intresting reef of coral, while the other members of our diving party spun themselves in their own web of curiosity.
I spotted a fantastic looking fish out of the corner of my eye, and watched it swim into a cove in the reef, i followed it down, seperating from Beth.
I reached out to move some kelp covering the cove, and i felt a pinch in my finger, I looked down and saw that not only was my finger missing, but my vision was getting cloudy.
I swam to the surface, trying to stop the bleeding along the way, and i saw Beth becon towards me from the boat.
I heard a distant “Come on…” then the sound of a motor.
I screamed in agony and fear, “BETH!!!”, but all that responded was a looming echo.

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