Putting The Fear In Linus

- Carlene -
I swung my head back to look at Renita, her eyes were desperate. I shook my head, this time refusing to go along with her plan. I swung around my snarls starting to come out more pronounced. “How dare you!” I nearly screamed, my body tensed.

“Feisty, I like it.” Linus said walking toward me, “do you really think you could fight me?” I didn’t think about my next action, I just reacted. Throwing myself at him with the force of a wrecking ball, knocking him off his feet. My snarls got worse and worse, then in one lunge I pinned him to the ground. My lips were at his neck, teeth bared. I was about to kill him but Renita’s voice stopped me.

“No..” Her voice was a whispered plea. So instead of killing him I gave him something he would remember. Bitting down hard I ripped a large chunk out of his left shoulder, he cried in pain.

“Remember that and never come back, and if you breath a word of this I will finish you myself!” He didn’t dare doupt my threatening voice. Fear was in his eyes too.

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