the dream:part 27 huh?

“so how have you been?” i asked, my voice was a little shaky.
he just looked at me, “Mandy, you dont have to be nervous, its okay, really, just be yourself.”
“im not nervous, why would you think that? i mean when im nervous, i either studder or ramble on about stuff, but im not doing either, so im not nervous.” i said all that in one breathe, holy crap, who was i lying to? i was REALLY EXTREMELY NERVOUS
then, before the conversation could carry on any further, he said suddenly, “your dads walking up the steps, i better go.” Before i could even respond he was gone.
“mandy, im back.”
still in shock, to how he could leave that fast, i said, “okay dad.”
“You ready to go home?”
“sure dad.”
“hey mandy, you know that kid thats working for me, hes not a very social kid, very respectable though.”
“yeah, so….?” i replied, trying to make it sound that i didnt care about him.
“well, i think we should have him over for dinner.”
“huh?” i paused for a minute, “okay.”

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