the dream: part 28 very niice

my dad invited carter to dinner that night, and he would be over at 7 for dinner.

7:02 P.M.

“MANDY! GET THE DOOR !” my dad yelled from the kitchen.
i opened it.
“hey mandy.”
“hey carter.”
i led him to the kitchen, he was walking behind me, and grabbed my hand for the short way from the front door to the kitchen and then let go.
we walked into the kitchen to see tricia, my step mom by the stove, and my dad in the recliner by the tv.
“Hi Carter.” my dad said, in his amazingly childish voice he usually uses to humiliate me.
“hello mr. Diaz, thank you for having me over for dinner.”
“Dont worry about it.” my dad then called to tricia to meet carter.
we had about 10 minutes til dinner, and my dad actually trusted us to chill in my room for the few minutes we had.
we walked in my room, leaving the door open of course, and he walked in inspected everything. he walked in front of my closet to the jonas brothers poster and nick jonas poster.
“very nice.” he said starting to laugh

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