A nail to the heart. (pt 2)

All over his hands. The mess from his hammer. He ran to the sink upstairs to clean them off as his front door flew open. Two policemen stormed in on the old man. They grabbed him and walked him out the door with his hands behind his back. The third police officer ran downstairs to the cellar making his way to the table where he saw her.
Marla. The woman missing for days.
There she lay with her hands and arms nailed to a table. Red running liquid everywhere. She wasnt breathing.
The policeman noticed a note the fresh body was holding.
“Marla, I live next door to you. I may not be as young as I used to be, and need some help fixing my sink, would you mind helping? I think you’d like my house. Its rather comfortable. You may never even want to leave.”
The other officer came to him.
“Sick, isn’t it?”
He croutched down on the floor.
” Ive been threw the kitchen. There are pictures of her everywhere. She must have tried to leave, but he wouldnt let her. Must have been like a nail to the heart for him.”

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