Leland paused on the edge, enjoying the suspense that he was prompting in the people behind the fence. He knew that there were some people who would never understand why he was about to throw himself off a cliff, but he also believed that a lot of those ‘safe’ behind the fence would want to jump as much as he did, if they could.

He looked down, checking that he had remembered the launch point correctly; that the landing was in the same state as when he had visited in advance. All was as he remembered it. He took three large strides back and looked around; people were starting to pull out cell phones. He needed to get on and jump before the Police showed.

He took a deep breath and launched into a run, and then he was free. For just a second he was flying, his forward momentum carrying him away from the cliff and staving off gravity. He tucked up as he began to fall, turned a triple, and then opened up, arms and legs outstretched, as he pulled his chute. Hanging there he was at peace, surrounded by silence.

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