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- Renita-

I stared as Linus ran out of the cave, Carlene standing at the doorway snarling.

“You almost killed him!” I growled, coming up to her. “That was a serious wound, he won’t keep that silent!” I said. “They will know he left the search party, he will talk!”

“He was trying to get you, he deserves to die!” Carlene snarled back.

“He has to stay alive, if he is to be killed, it will be by me! And only then when my name is cleared!” I snarled. Right then a searing pain shot throught my leg and I collasped onto the ground, whimpering slightly. The pain was immense, and I was only barely able to drag myself to the wall to lean against, turning into my human form. The wound had reopened and was gushing blood.

“I think it’s time I tell you what the heck is going on…” I said, looking over at her as she too turned into her human for.

“I’m guessing its going to be a long story?” She said, jokingly.

“Yeah, I guess it all stared two moons ago when Magena, one of our elders, started to get ill”

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