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- Renita-

“Magena was our oldest wolf, and was our source of wisdom. She was mother and grandmother to many pups, all of them strong and brave like her. Linus is actually one of her grandsons. She watched over our pack, told us what the spirits said and when was the best times for hunting. She always said that when she died, she would proclaim a new wolf to watch over the clan, one she thought had the wisdom and bravery to lead. She was always watching us, seeing who would be her replacement.”

“When she was ill, she announced that she was going to die soon, and that she was to proclaim her replacement in one moon. At half moon, she called for me. She told me she wanted me to be her replacement in her death. I couldn’t believe it, since I’m not actually blood related to any of the pack, I was found in their territory only a few days old. Linus heard this, and was mad that I would get it not him…” I sighed.

“Linus killed Magena before she could announce her choice, and blamed her death on me…”

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