(1) Ignore the stranger

You feeel a small chill as you approach, and then pass, the stranger. He is humming a voiceless tune which seems to deepen as you pass him. You swallow the fear and continue on past, resolved to make your way to Valorvale. Soon enough, his slow moving figure has vanished on the road behind you.

The air grows thick in the heat of the afternoon as you continue down the road and the sun continues to beat heavy on your brow. You mindlessly munch on the ever decreasing loaf of bread from your pack and sip from your waterskin. You pass fields and farmers as the road winds its way towards Valorvale.

As evening approaches, you can barely make out the sight of a small hamlet in the distance. You count yourself lucky, as food was beginning to get low and your waterskin empty. You can make out the sight of a large tree in the center of the small group of buildings.

Do you (3) find an inn or (4) investigate the tree?

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