(2) Talk to the stranger

You approach the stranger, who is humming a mindless tune.

“Hello good sir. Are you well or in need of anything?” you ask solicitously.

His eyes seem to stare through you for a moment and then he smiles a toothless grin.

“No, but it is I who may be able to help you.” He reaches out and drops a thick unusual coin into yours. “You might wish to hang onto this… may be valuable some day.” Ignoring your objections at the gift, he cackles and walks away, much quicker than you would give him credit for. Soon enough, he vanishes beyond the road’s horizon.

The air grows thick in the heat of the afternoon as you continue down the road. You pass fields and farmers as the road winds its way towards Valorvale.

As evening approaches, you can barely make out the sight of a small hamlet in the distance. You count yourself lucky, as food was beginning to get low and your waterskin empty. You make out the sight of a large tree in the center of the hamlet.

Do you (3)find an inn or (4)investigate the tree?

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