The Zombologist

“Zombies do not exist!” The woman cried, looking at her boyfriend with desperation.

“They do exist Mia! It may take a while to grasp the concept, but they do. Don’t worry, it took me a while to accept it.” The man said comfortingly, patting the woman on the back.

“David! Whats wrong with you? Is there something I need to know about? Drugs?” Mia cried, grabbing the man and shaking him by his shoulders.

“I will give you proof Mia, right now, right here!” David said.


David walked over to a locked closet, getting the key and unlocking it with a click. He turned, “Ready?” and Mia nodded nervously. The door swung open and out stumbled a very ragged looking man. He reached out, causing his hand to promptly fall off.

Mia screamed, “Oh my gosh! He’s a lunictic!” and running out of the apartment, leaving her raincoat.

David sighed while he reached down to grab the hand saying, “There goes another one buddy…”

He pushed the hand into the zombies chest, closing the door once again.

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