Animated lions pt. 1

Susan was woken up very early in the morning from the song of her doorbell. She groaned, stepping out of bed and shuffling to the door. She rubbed her eyes, cracking the door to reveal who was there. It took a minute for her eyes to focus to the bright hallway outside.

“Oh, sorry, I’ll open the door.” She said, pulling the door all the way open to reveal a delivery boy.

“For you ma’am!” he said, actually turning out to be quite young. He handed her a box saying, “Sing please ma’am!”

“Okay, okay….” Susan said. She closed the door on the boy after sighning the paper, turning to the box in her hand. She opened it to find a tiny stuffed lion.

“I never ordered anything, definatly not this.” She said, putting the stuffed lion on the counter saying, “Now you stay there little guy!” laughing.

Susan went back to bed, getting well deserved sleep before work in four hours at six. She dreamed pleasent dreams, at one point hearing the song ‘100 bottles of bear on the wall!’.

In the dream, probably not.

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