Animated Lions pt. 2

Susan woke up at five, getting up and ready in a perfectly good mood. She walked through her apartment passing the kitchen, but had to take a double take. She swore that the stuffed lion hadn’t been on the counter a second ago, but now it was there.

“Just my imagination….” She muttered, shaking her head and continueing on.

After getting ready, she sat at the table, eating breakfast and staring at the little lion. She continued staring, as if she expected it do do something. Finally she spoke up, pointing her spoon at it, “You know, you’re a strange fellow. You just are delivered here at two o’ clock in the morning, no letter or card. Or return address.”

There was no response, so Susan stood up and heading towards the door, “See ya little guy, I’m off to work!”

“Feed me.” Susan turned around, but there was nothing. She turned back around.

“Feed me.” She turned again, nothing.


“Ha!” She yelled. Nothing. She stared at the lion, thinking. She put a can of tuna out for him, and left.

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