the dream: part 29 when?

“carter, theres something i really need to know.” i said, looking at him straight in the eyes.
“alright.” he said moving closer to me ,”what is it?” he asked.
“earlier, when you left, with out me even seeing you leave, or that one day at school..what was that?”
he looked kind of perplexed, and looked as though he didnt know how to say it.
“Mandy, there is alot you need to know about me, but i cant explain it right now, truth is, im not a normal 15 year old.”
“youre 15??” i exclaimed, it seemed that was the least of my worries.
he chuckled, probably at the way i answered.
“yeah, im 15, i got help back, i guess you can say, a when i was younger.”
“ohh, okay.” i responded, ” so when wiill you tell me the rest?”
“when we can be alone, and when i think youre ready to hear it.”
“carter, im ready to hear it now.”
“no youre really not ready.”
i got frustrated with him, and he could tell.
he got my hand, and brought me into a hug.
“ill tell you soon, i promise.”

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