Animated Lions pt. 3

Work was once again long and tiring for Susan as she returned home. Worst yet, her car broke down on the ten mile drive home, and she had to walk in pouring rain. She shoved her way into her apartment, mumbling about a very expressionate couple down the hall, who love to show public affection right in front of her door. Susan collasped on the couch, looking around her apartment, landing on the stuffed lion.

“Hey, I don’t remember you looking like that.” She said, getting up and walking over to the counter. The lion was turned the opposite way from that morning…...And the tuna can was empty. She stared at the can, then to the lion, and back to the can.

“There’s no way….” She mumbled, sitting back down on the couch.

For the next week, Susan always left a can of tuna out before she left for work, and plenty of mousetraps too. Everyday, the traps would be empty, same with the tuna can. In good measure, the lion was now sitting on a comfy pillow, located in a small cat bed. You know, just in case….

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