the dream: part 30 dinner

“yea, you better, you jerk.” i said, playfully.
“you never fail to shock me.” he said, holding on tight to our hug.
“youre dads coming” he said, pulling away and sitting on the chair clear across the room, and turned on the tv.
my dad walked it, “dinners ready.” he said.

Dinner went smoothly, i think my dad was taking a liking to Carter, until of course he found out me and carter were “involved”, i guess you can say, i wouldnt let that happen though and neither would Carter.

dinner was just about ended, and it was time for carter to leave. We walked him to the door and said our goodbyes.
this really was a good day, i still hadnt figured out what me and carter were, together and that bothered me all night.

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