This Side of the Hudson: Staring Straight

I collected myself and knocked. The door opened a crack; I could see a steely left eye. “Evening. We’re just passing through-”
“What do you want?” a voice interrupted.
“Well ye see-”
“What do’y want?” it repeated more firmly.
“We need a place to stay for the night. It’s supposed t’be cold tonight…”
“It’s June.”
“Look, we’ve been on the road for nights straight; we’re just staying 1 night.”
After a moment’s hesitation, the person stepped aside to let us in. She was a small but intimidating-looking young woman. “You’re room’s up the stairs at the end of the hall,” she said sternly, eyeing us carefully. I nodded a thanks and helped JJ shove the trunk up the stairs.
“Man, was that lady tense’r what?” JJ asked some hours later. I shrugged, straining to listen.
“I think she’s staying downstairs for the night; you wanna help count?” JJ nodded.
We lugged the trunk to a corner. But just as I unlatched it, I turned my head to find the end of a double barrel rifle staring straight at me.

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