One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.38

“No!” Angie screamed, but no matter how fast she went she couldn’t catch me.

I heard the growls, Ralph’s was distinctable and so was Dylan’s. My mind wasn’t working, but my legs were as they pushed faster and faster.

“Looks like we have company.” Ralph said dully just as I emerged from the bushes, snarls ripped from my chest. Fine I’d go with what Angie had said I’d let myself love but if he found out and didn’t like me, well that was better.

Ralph was twice my size and towered over me, but snarls raced from my chest anyway. With no reason I stood in front of Dylan, barring my teeth, dareing Ralph to move forward. “Looks like cousin means buisness, boys.” His voice held a life but I didn’t even grimance, instead I aproached him. Growling thunderously.

“Well are you going to fight me or not, you’re not afraid are you cousin?” I asked tauntingly, my voice came through a growl, my hackles raised on my back.

“Sounds like fun, but not tonight, I have other buisness.” He said seeming disappointed.

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