Killing from the catbird seat. (The Long Patrol Chapter 2)

“You sure they comin we twenty miles out?
“Just make the shot, got it Yack?”
“I don’t understand why Ringo Norman is going to come riding through that pass like a duck?”
“Oh that’s easy to explain.”
“Go ahead.”
“Yack you dont understand cause your stupid.”
“That aint what i meant!”
“See it’s even hard to explain yourself when you are stupid huh?”
“I ain’t taken this crap, keep it up. Why you got me here, Spec?”
Spec, the unlikely outlaw who was known for his thick bifocals and no gun answered, “Because you are stupid.”
“Damnit Spec”!
“But Yack that is your most redeeming quality”
“Go on” The gunman said with his head cocked.
“Well lets just say there are alot of boys here that can skin that big sharps alot keener than you, but if i told them that they were about to shoot The Ghost, Ringo Norman, they would go down on you faster than a dance hall whore rather than take that shot. But not you, your the kind of stupid that kills kings quick as jesters.”
Spec they’s women, en a purty redhead to boot

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