CherryPop: Warrior and... Snookums?

The zombies began hurling themselves at us only to be stopped cold by the barrier Mom was holding up. She stood in the center of us, palms facing outward, keeping the energy circulating within the barrier.

Simone got her game face on and hissed every time a zombie clashed against the barrier. She looked magnificent, making the rest of us look like ruffians. Her dark eyes glittered as she poised for battle, a low growl rumbled from the demon within. I noticed Liam staring at her.

“Oi! Liam! Pressing matter here.” I said, chucking him in the ribs. He shook his head and took aim at the nearest zombie. I stood next to my father, my knives unsheathed and ready to do some slashing.

“Mom if you can keep the barrier up until I give the word, that would be peachy.”

“You got it snookums.” she replied and I winced.

“Mooom.” I whined softly.

“Sorry sugar cookie.” I rolled my eyes.

I watched the zombies. Several threw themselves against the barrier at once.

“Now!” I shouted and the barrier came crashing down.

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