- Renita-

The lake was quiet. I didn’t know how long I sat there, staring out into the lake. It was so peaceful, so relaxing… I might have even dozed off. I found a little path leading down the rockside and to the waterfront. It was wonderful down here. And there were little creatures in the water, but not fish. They swam in circles, never stopping for a second. Their gills shimmered with the water, and they seemed to almost fly, with their long fins. I followed one around the edge of the lake, and it seemed to have a look of great intellegence in it’s eyes.

Finally I remembered why I came down here. I hadn’t know how long it had been, nor had Carlene ever told me if she was coming to say to was all clear or not. I made my way back up the path, slowly going uphill and leaving the lake. It was quiet in the cave, too quiet. I finally made it to the entrance to find no one there.

“Carlene?” I whispered, hoping she was just in the shadows. Slowly I made my way out of the cave, looking out at the land.

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