Release Of The Not So Innocent

I snarled at Samuel, a long and low unbreaking sound. I felt more and more of my strength returning, Samuel’s hand began locking tighter around mine. My throat burned from the growling but I continued till I felt all my strength, it was like a fresh flow of adreniline hit my veins. Shoving upward the restraints broke, sending Samuel flying against the wall. “Oh Carlene, your father is not going to be happy with this, now sit down.” My mother’s voice was frantic.

“I’m going to be leader of this pack soon anyway, I just want to go for a run.” I stood and began walking to the door, Samuel stood infront of me growling. “Do you wish to get beat again, by a female no less?” I asked tauntingly, pulling myself up into a crouch.

“Just let her go.” My father’s voice came from behind Samuel, his face was calm, no anger in his eyes anymore. “There is no one there, I checked the cave, what happened to the male that went there?” My father looked at me waiting.

“I gave him something he won’t forget,” I said.

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