-finds its mark (The Long Patrol Chapter 4)

“What is the grocery bill, quill?”
“Looks like elebum.”
“That is fourteen you illiterate okie, and eleven doesn’t have a bum in it.” Added Jehzi, who even though she hadn’t worked as a saloon girl since she married the Marshal back in 73’ still fancied that saloon girl style. She looked as out of place when she gunned down the last two outlaws with her Spencer repeating rifle(that she reloaded with bullets stuffed in her corset) from the back of Edge’s horse as Edge would look playing a dance hall piano.
“Any sign of Spec and Yack?”
“Not over here Ringo.”
“Here neither Edge.”
They covered when they heard a voice from on top of the bluff yell, “Hey you know why we called quill?”
The daft quill answered,”Hey Ringo!”
Bullet ventilated quill where he knelt.
“Ringo Norman, you know now huh?”
“It’s Ringo Havock, but you always was the stupid one!”
“Edge you’re drunk whore shot spec in the gut, We gonna have a helluva gang when ever we kill ya’ll and take the whore and the redhead.”

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