The dangers of being a doctor.(The Long Patrol Chapter 5)

Spec flopped like an eel on the pool table in the makeshift operating room.
Pow Pow
Shots blew a flower arrangement and the sheet music of the piano.
“I said keep playin.” Ordered Yack as he sat across from two terrified poker enthusiasts with the congeniality of death row inmates.
“Yell to someone you know Spec!Done, Doc?”
“Nnn oo mmr. yyack.” replied the Doc.
The ghost white man across from the villian flipped over his cards.
“And you win again. lucky blue blood i curse your name! Doc you done yet?”
“Yep that’s it”
In a 10th of watch tick, Yack’s Peacemaker dropped the bartender, who Yack said didn’t know dog crap wasn’t an ingredient in a martini, The 5 card stud hostage-Mayor, who Yack said was a Mormon pedophile, the sheriff whom he called a disgrace to stars, and the surgeon who he called a tongue tied butcher.”
“Well Spec good thing it was red carpet.”
“outa bullets, Yack?”
“Almost forgot, guess i’ll have to stabb that 10 thumbed piany player.”

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