This Side of the Hudson: Confessions & Disqualifications

“What you doin with that trunk?” the woman asked me from behind the gun.
“What you doin with a gun like that?” I fired back. She poked the gun closer to my face.
“On the bed. Both of yous. Now.” JJ was all too obedient to obey; I needed a bit more poking with the rifle.
“Now, why are you really here?” she asked. “Name’s Sam, by the way.”
JJ looked to me pleadingly. There was two things that disqualified JJ to be a partner in crime: he’s a wimp & a horrid liar. He was fit to explode from guilt. I shot him a look; but it was no use. “We’re on the run!” he blurted. Sam nodded.
“Good start. You wanna add something, Mr Silent?” she asked me.
“Alright, we stole the trunk, we’re on the run, & we ran outa gas. Happy?” I grunted.
“I am.”
“You’re not gonna tell the cops, are ya?” JJ asked nervously.
“Only if I have motives. Which, right now, I don’t have; so consider yourselves lucky.” JJ sighed in relief.
“Hey, question.” I asked. “What the hell is a woman with a rifle like you doing out here?”

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