Surprised, I shook my head. “Who’s he?”
The stringbean in the corner snorted. “What rock you been under?”
“I’ve been in a clocktower, thank you very much,” I snapped back.
“He’s the reason you were,” Len said. “He was the biggest catburgaler, pickpocket, conman; aw, you name it, he did it! No’ oney that, he’s famous fr’it!”
“He was Boss’ partner for the longest time; ain’ that right, Boss?” Jay added. Boss nodded nostalgically.
I rolled my eyes. “So he was this great thief-”
“Legendary!” Len corrected.
“Alright, he was a legendary thief; what’s he got to do with me?”
Jay leaned closer to me. “He could rob a man blind in 30 seconds flat. That’s how he got the nickname. But that clocktower meant the world te’im. That and his heir.”
I had no idea where Jay was going with this. “And…?”
With a smirk, he whispered, “Tickin’ Tom’s your father.”

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