Bring out your dead, or only one Quill.(The Long Patrol Chapter 6)

“That whore almost split my spine huh?”
“I told you she’s so shady she cast two shadows. The whore used a pillow, and i got a shotgun wedding for her 12th birthday. She’s de bes there is with two things n’ ones a rifle.”
“Don’t make me Yack, laugh,(Spec rolls his eyes)damn doctor stitched me wit haystring,.”Spec then reaches into his pocket and hands Yack a prestine new bullet.
“Thanks spec.”
“I didn’t want to have to stab the piany-man, Why am i kiiling him again?”
“His playing is an abomination to music.”
“Mighty white of you. Spec.”

Mean while back at Allentown.
“I am sorry about your brother, baby he was a real good christian and he hardly ever cheated at cards.” Was Edge’s consolation to the crying redhead.
“Edge you aint helpin’ go outside.” Said jehzi.
Then she handed the greiving sister her flask and said, “Sugar this’ll mend it all from the crack of dawn to a broken heart.
Outside Edge says to Ringo,”Good thing i didnt say, now we ain’t got two folks named Quill.”

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