The Life and Romantic Squabblings of Mariaaaa

There once was a ridiculous red head who always thought she was funny. She didn’t seem to understand how to use the term, “that’s what she said.” So instead of waiting for what seemed like the opportune yet inappropriate moment to use this phrase, she decided to use it after every sentence said by everyone around her. This all could have been due to the fact that she was madly in love with an amazing baseball player who had golden locks that framed his face perfectly. One look from this boy would melt her insides until they seeped out her feet and caused her to fall into a puddle of heaping love. Love tends to cause such effects on anyone, particularly the female species, so no one blamed her for her odd reactions to this baseball prince. And, unlike most seemingly wonderful royal men, this one seemed to be truly and genuinely wonderful, and not just someone who appeared to be a knight in shining armour but ended up being a jerk in aluminum foil.

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